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  1. We'll show you how to reduce your costs through more efficient teamworking.
  2. Answer honestly - could your use of the internet be more productive? Almost certainly.
  3. Mapping your business processes will increase your efficiency. We'll show you how.
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Welcome to Effective Efficiency

Efficiency in the workplace

In the recession, how is your business performing? How are your staff performing? Are you working longer hours for less return?

Do you have some staff who do their job, but never want to 'go the extra mile'? Are some of your new managers struggling to cope?

Do your projects always seem to exceed their deadlines and cost more than the budget?

Do you feel that you really should have an IT 'system' for some of your processes biut aren't sure of the best way to review the options?

Do you have the feeling that you're not making as much use of the internet as you could?

Help is at hand! Effective Efficiency is a consultancy that provides objective advice and guidance on improving workplace efficiency and reducing costs. We primarily focus on the commercial side of business and cover four broad areas:

1. Efficiency of Managing Projects

We can review your project management methodology and suggest some areas for improvement. If you work in Marketing or Sales you may not consider that you 'do project management' at all. Our definition covers all discrete pieces of work and we can help to give some structure and accountability to your project management processes. We can also manage your projects on your behalf - full time or part time.

1 day workshop - 'Project Management techniques for non project managers'

2. Efficiency of Commercial Processes

Effective Efficiency understand the processes in a typical Sales and Marketing environment. We also understand Sales and Marketing people. Better still, we also understand IT people and what's involved in the development of IT systems to automate Sales and Marketing processes. This is what we're really good at.

Efficiency improvements may also be found by improving adherence to existing processes by graphically mapping the current business processes and reviewing/reworking the associated documentation and procedures. We use a simple process called DIDO. In most situations the processes should be reviewed, as well as documented, to maximise efficiency and drive out waste.

3. Efficiency of Team Working

Some teams work better than others. Why is that? Using a mix of coaching, training and interactive workshops, we help individuals to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and those of their colleagues. Effectiveness Workshops are designed to increase employee motivation and improve team working and are tailored to the needs of the individual team or organization. They are facilitated by experienced practitioners who have many years of experience. These are not academic sessions but a real-world mix of coaching, theory and practice.

4. Efficiency of Internet Usage

Most organisations make use of the internet to reach their customers. We concentrate on helping you with this in two main areas:

  • Ensuring that your team understand the terminology of the internet and, at a non-technical level, 'how things work'. This ensures that you can write tighter briefs for your marketing agencies and understand the implications of what you are asking them to do. The cost effectiveness of your internet usage will improve.
  • Helping you to build a solid mailing list of your potential customers and show you how to turn many of these prospects into customers.

I day workshop - 'Working with Digital Agencies'


If our expertise in any of these areas could help you to increase your efficiency and drive down costs, we'd be delighted to come and talk to you.



Effectiveness Workshops

Teams are not always made up of the correct balance of people. Perhaps everyone wants to be the leader, or possibly too many people feel the need to tell their colleagues how they should be doing their jobs. We run a series of workshops, tailored to the needs of the individual company, to help individuals to work together more productively.

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Process Reviews

How often do you review your business processes?
Are your business processes properly documented in an easy to understand graphical format?
Would you like an objective view of how the 'As Is' process could be transformed in to a more efficient 'To Be' process?

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